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About the Restaurant

Flavor 19 is a contemporary restaurant and lounge located at the Lingan Golf Course. Open year round to the general public, the tapas menu, burger bar, and favorites from the Flavor Downtown menu will tempt your taste buds, while premium cocktails and mini desserts make your meal complete. Enjoy the luxury of the private dining room, take in some of the best East Coast talent in the main room, or meet friends for drinks on the full service summer patio. At Flavor 19, the perfect dining experience is waiting for you.

the Owners

In the summer of 2007, Scott & Karry were drawn home to Cape Breton where they started teaching within the Cape Breton Victoria District School Board. As the year progressed, they began to pursue their dream of opening a restaurant in Cape Breton. Scott used his experience and knowledge to design the menu and concept for Flavor, while Karry used her keen eye creativity to design and decorate the interior of the restaurant. Scott & Karry have traveled extensively throughout France, Italy and Greece learning about the various wine regions of Europe, traditional European dishes, and, the style of bistro that has shaped Flavor into what it is today.

Head Chef

Flavor 19’s Head Chef Nathan Susin grew up in Port Morien, Cape Breton. Nathan’s calling to the culinary industry came during his first year of culinary school at Sydney’s Marconi Campus. He went on to complete his education at Kings Tec campus in Kentville, Nova Scotia. During his education, Nathan worked with renowned chef, Peter Dewar, whom he considers his mentor. Nathan credits much of his success in the industry to Dewar. Since completing his education, Nathan has worked at Bonterra Trattoria in Calgary, as well as Cut and Onyx restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia, both of which are very prominent in the culinary industry. “My style of cooking is very modern and new age”, says Susin, “I just want people to experience a new side of cooking they may have not seen or tasted before.”